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KCW Day 2: More Graphic Tees

The kids wore their new graphic tees today. I love seeing them wear these new shirts. 
She has the perfect messy hair to go with her "messy hair don't care" shirt. I love the half sleeves too. Half sleeves are so cute! I almost did this shirt with black words, but I'm so glad I did blue. It looks great with blue over the yellow stripes.
Here's Henry's moon shirt that he painted. He is SO proud of it and tells everyone that he made it. He's also wearing his superhero mask on his head. He's always wearing some sort of superhero thing.
Their relationship in a nutshell. Henry is either poking or loving her, and she is either loving or hating it. I see this relationship lasting for the rest of their childhood.
I also finished a bear face shirt. It's very simple, but has great impact. I love the bright, blue color. I shrunk down an adult shirt and reused all the hems.
I also shrunk another adult shirt for Henry. For some reason he calls it his "worker" shirt.
Lastly I made a sailor shirt. I fabric printed a turquoise whale and then a whole bunch of waves. I used a light blue interlock for the front and sleeves. Then I used a navy jersey for the back and neckband and a striped jersey for the other sleeve. It's a little crazy with all the different pieces, but I love the whole.
I've just started using tags on the last couple of shirts. They say, "Handmade with love by Mommy." I wanted to have a nice touch in case any of these last to another generation. And then I have a spot to write the size on.
I'm struggling figuring out how to sew them in because the stitching shows up on the back. I'd attach it just to the seam allowance at the neckline or at the side seam, but Henry gets irritated by stuff like that so easily. He's lucky he mostly wears mommy made clothes because they don't have tags!


  1. Instead of back of neck can you do something on the bottom by a side hem? Usually stuff down there has pants in the way so it might not itch as badly or annoy him.
    I love the whale shirt. It turned out so great. What a fun idea.
    Do you have a basic boys t-shirt pattern that you use? Or have you drafted one for yourself? I am trying to get into sewing some more shirts for my little man, as I have loads of hand me downs from uncles and would love to give them new life.
    Job well done. You have some lucky kids!

  2. I should do that messy hair don't care shirt for my girl. That saying fits her to a t!

  3. I always get so impressed at how much you get done for KCW, and I usually love it all so much too.


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