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Happy Birthday Baby Girl

I can't believe my baby girl is one year old. That year went by so fast. I last minute decided to make Claire a birthday outfit. I made a basic tee out of a clearance tank top. Then I had a tiny bit of metallic performance knit that I used for the leggings. It's perfect and a little over the top. I love it!
This girl is tiny, tiny for her age but has a huge personality. She is super spunky. She loves eating, chatting to herself and either playing with her brother or pushing his buttons. She is almost always carrying around a toy animal or person and usually one person in each hand.
She loves walking, dancing, climbing, hiding in things, and being outside. I'm a little nervous about her toddler and preschool stage because she has so much personality. I do love this little girl so much!


  1. She looks so cute! Exactly what every birthday girl should wear, something to get them noticed!

  2. Happy birthday baby Claire!
    Totally fun outfit :)

  3. She Is very cute. Enjoy this age, as you are already seeing it goes very fast.

  4. Happy Birthday Clare!!

  5. Happy Birthday Claire!!! She just keep on getting cuter Heather! That's the perfect birthday outfit.


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