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Wedding Babies

I got some pictures of the wedding and the fun wedding baby outfits. The four nieces and nephews are not all babies, but I like calling them that. Most of these pictures were taken by my sister's wedding photographer, Wride Photography. They are a husband and wife duo and I definitely recommend them if you live in Utah. Enjoy these gorgeous photos of happy wedding babies!
My sister with the four babies that I sewed outfits for. Then my brother is holding to the two boys in their suits.
These two cousins really love each other. They love playing together and getting into mischief together. I made two Berkshire Blazers out of a black suede-like fabric. I made the facing and elbow pads out of the same fabric that I used for the pants. I did this so that the blazer and pants can be worn separately. And because I was using small amounts of what I had. I didn't want to have to purchase a bunch of fabric. For the pants I used the Tree Climber Trousers pattern. It's a black suiting fabric; the same fabric I used for my husband's pants. Then I made them two matching bow ties using Delia Creates free bow tie pattern.
 (These pictures were taken with my phone.)
How perfect are these pictures of Henry. The photographer really captured his eyes and personality.
Then the baby girls. They are both about a year old, so I knew they needed something cut, sweet, and maybe a little entertainment. So I made them some pom pom dresses.
I don't remember what pattern I used, but it was a printed paper pattern given to me by my friend. I used a white woven cotton with white dots for the bodice. I used a bunch of layers of tulle for the gathered skirts. The top layer is folded over, and I put a bunch of pompoms in there. They get to play with their little pompoms while they sit and wait for all the wedding happenings. (These next pictures were taken by me and my brother.)
These girlies are so adorable. And they were so cute in their dresses. I did love designing the four outfits, but I hated sewing duplicates. It about did me in and contributed to my sewing slump. It was worth it for these wonderful pictures of the wedding babies!
We also made the bouquet together. We used ten, small, rose gold brooches, silk babies breath, and silk alstroemeria. We wrapped it with thick white ribbon and added navy blue ribbon stripes. Then we hot glued lace leftover from the wedding dress.
I also made the cake the morning of the wedding. It's a basic chocolate cake with store-bought buttercream frosting. I frosted it with lots of texture and added rows of almonds at the base. The flowers are the silk alstroemeria from the bouquet. Isn't it beautiful? It was simple and perfect.


  1. You were super busy. No wonder there was a sewing slump after it all. Job well done!

  2. Heather! I love this blog post! So many cute clothes and so many great pictures of the babies!

  3. Gorgeous photos! Pompom dresses are so fun! Perfect for little girls :)

  4. Brilliant job! You took perfect shots. I love the little kiddos. Seems like they enjoyed the wedding ceremony to the fullest. Isn’t it? Well, I am also going to attend an outdoor wedding with my husband. You know this wedding will take place at one of my favorite venues for weddings in Los Angeles.

  5. How cute babiessss!!! Babies are looking so sweet in the wedding dresses. Wedding Bouquet is also looking gorgeous. Thanks for sharing these stunning photographs with us. xoxo..
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