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When I first thought about something that hasn’t been thrown away for more than twenty years, I could only think of one thing: my baby blanket. I’ve had it almost my whole life, but I don’t currently have it in my house so I couldn’t take a picture. 
I do have some dresses for Claire that my mom wore as a baby though. One in particular actually fits Claire right now. It’s an adorable little white sweater dress. She’s worn in to church a couple of times this winter. It is so cute and such a different style than what you can purchase or make right now.

Vintage White Sweater Dress - It Wasn't Thrown Away

My grandmother is not alive anymore so that I can ask her why she kept this dress, but I have a few ideas. My mom is the baby of the family, and they waited a couple of years for her to come. My grandparents moved across the Atlantic multiple times, so they never got to keep very much throughout their lives. My grandmother grew up in war torn Germany and so everything from her childhood was destroyed by bombs. She didn’t have anything from her childhood to pass onto her kids. I’m guessing she held onto this very special dress for sentimental reasons, and to give my mom a chance to have something from her childhood that my grandmother never did. I love dressing Claire in something with so much history and love.

Vintage White Sweater Dress - It Wasn't Thrown Away

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