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Happy January! It’s so fun to start a new month and a new year! We had a great holiday week filled with lots of family time. I’m really excited to show you what I’ve been working on. Mini Hudsons. You know my love for my two Hudsons; I wear them multiple times a week now since it’s cold. Well, Kelli from True Bias has miniaturized her Hudson pants and they are perfect for boys and girls. They are also perfect for kids who aren’t so good at unbuttoning their jeans! I made two different pairs for Henry, and they’ve been great!

I wanted to do something really cool with this pattern to show it’s versatility. I realized I should go with my strengths and decided to refashion something, so I made these cobalt blue pants from a men’s XL sweater. I love the blue and the stripes, and the sleeves had elbow pads that I reused as knee pads. I paired it with basic black ribbing. They are super cozy because they are sweater material, but they look cool enough for a little boy.
I made Henry a size 2 width and a size 3 height which is perfect for him.

I let Henry play with an old vintage camera for the photoshoot and got some super cute photos. He’s wearing a hat crocheted by me, a mama made infinity scarf, and a mama made blazer (that I haven’t blogged about yet because it was for a wedding and we’re waiting to get pictures back). He would wear all of these on a normal day except for the blazer. He’d wear a more comfortable jacket instead.

For the other pair I used a basic gray sweatshirt fabric paired with a dusty blue ribbing. I decided to add zippers to the ankles of these pants, and now Henry calls them his zipper pants. I was going to make a tutorial to add the zippers, but I didn’t think it through until I was partway in and had some issues which I had to seam rip. I just skipped the tutorial because I was too frustrated. I do love the pants though and the pattern is SUPER simple. They look great even though they are so easy to put together.

This is a normal outfit for Henry: a tee, sweatshirt, casual pants, and sneakers (and a piece of garbage turned sword sitting in the snow next to him.)

He loves his pockets on both pairs and his zippers, and the ease of going to the bathroom. I love this pattern and do recommend it!
See what everyone has has made this week!

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