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Hunger Games Inspired Kids Sweatshirts

A couple of months ago I did a Hunger Games guest post for Crafting Con. I made some simple sweatshirts inspired by parts of the story. I like making nerdy stuff for my kids, but I do it in a very subtle way. And there's a little tip for quilting jersey at the end of this post!
Henry has the white blonde hair that I always imagined Peeta to have. And Claire has long, (for a baby) dark hair just like Katniss.
I was planning on making some sort of sweater for Claire inspired by Katniss's half sweater, but then I found this happy behind the scenes picture of Peeta and Katniss. I love how they are so happy, and their shirts look like they are quilted. I took a very loose inspiration from the movie. I made raglan sweatshirts quilted with flowers for Claire and pearls for Henry.
peeta and katniss, katniss flower, peeta's pearl
Look at these cute mini Peeta and mini Katniss. The hats weren't part of the plan, but they had to wear them because it was a cold day.
I quilted Henry's shirt with a circle embroidery stitch inspired by the pearl that Peeta gives Katniss in book two. I thought doing it horizontally would keep it looking masculine. 
For Claire I quilted the a flower stitch vertically. From far away the quilting almost blends in, but close up it's a great detail.
Quilting knit turned out to be really easy! All you do is get some knit fusible interfacing and fuse it to your fabric. Then stitch or embroider your knit fabric with a ballpoint or jersey needle. I bet even fusible fleece would work too to add warmth to your knits.
Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor!

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