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Me Made: Mint Tulle Skirt

I've been eyeing the tulle skirt trend since it started. I love it. I've just been super slow on getting around to making one. I only made one because my sister decorated with lots of mint tulle at her wedding and then had it all leftover afterwards. That means I didn't have to buy my own and that's the only reason I made one. I just had lots of tulle waiting around to be used. 
So I cut as many circle skirts out of the tulle that I could and sewed it onto a thick colored elastic for the waistband. There are lots of simple tutorials online to help you make one. It's super simple because there's no edge finishing. When I wear it I feel very feminine and a little like a baby girl in a princess skirt. When I showed my husband he asked if I was two. Ya, well, maybe I am.
The question is, where do I wear it? The only time I wear dresses or skirts is to church. Can I wear this to church? I'm a little worried about my children pulling up my skirt accidentally.


  1. I love these, I think they are a grown up version of a tutu. I think you could get away with wearing it to church. Kids will be kids which isn't helpful. But I think you totally could wear it to church. The hard part is to make something and then have it just sit in your closet because you don't really have a place to wear it.
    I got my hands on some blush chiffon type fabric. I can't wait to make it into a skirt. I am thinking similar style to what you made here. Your skirt looks fabulous!

  2. I love it. I say get super dressed up for everyday things. Like grocery shopping. Lol. Or just have a fairy dress up day with your kids. I've been wanting to make on for a long time too. I just think tulle is still out of my league of sewing skill.

  3. hahhah I love it. I've always wanted a tulle skirt too, but I haven't made one yet, and don't think I will because I wouldn't know where to use it either. I don't even go to church, so...


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