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Cozy Winter Long Sweatshirts

I've been missing this week because Henry cut his chin on Tuesday and had to get stitches. You can see all the pictures of the ER visit on instagram. We would have taken him to an urgent care, but they would have sent us the children's hospital ER because they are better at preventing big scars on the face.
Anyway, that stopped me from any chance of posting for a couple of days. And since I've only wanted to wear extra cozy and comfortable clothes. So these two sweatshirts have been all I've wanted to wear. (I actually made two more but have yet to take pictures.) I made three using this free raglan sweatshirt pattern. I'm wearing my cozy leggings with every sweatshirt.
This first one is a micro fleece floral one with the back half of the sleeves green and a green pocket. I love floral sweatshirts and am finding ways to make it without spending a ton specialty floral sweatshirt fabric. I only had white ribbing so I used a dyeing technique that my friend figured out, dyeing with acrylic paint. It turned out a cute mint green color.
I lengthened the sleeves and overall length by two inches for both of these. I have really long arms and wanted a tunic length. The pattern is two general sizes, but it works perfectly for my needs.
The other one I made is a soft pink terry knit. I used the fuzzy side out on the torso and the fuzzy side in on the sleeves. I used black ribbing and appliqued a black heart to the front. I love heart sweaters and sweatshirts and finally got around to making myself one. I only had two sided fusible fleece one hand and it worked great. It makes the heart slightly stiff, but I'm sure it'll soften up with washing. (You can see Henry below with a band-aid on his chin covering the stitches.)


  1. those look super comfy, I think I need to make one for myself as soon as I'm not pregnant anymore : ).

  2. Cute! I really like the floral sweatshirt

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  4. The sweatshirts look so cute on you!

  5. I don't ususally like pink, but I love your heart shirt!! You are looking so great with your little daughter.


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