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While I was hitting publish to my post about my cozy sweatshirts yesterday, I realized I had two more cozy sweatshirts from the same pattern that I had forgotten to take pictures of. So you get another dose of my momiform today.
This first floral one is my favorite. It’s a ponte de roma knit that I got for the purpose of making a sweatshirt. It’s not quite as stiff as sweatshirt fleece, but it works pretty well for this purpose. I want a floral sweatshirt so bad, but I’m not willing to fork out the money for fabric. (I should just buy a RTW one.) I didn’t quite have enough so I did some colorblocking at the widest part of the sleeves. I love how it breaks up the print. This one also has an extra two inches on the sleeves and the hem.

Cozy Winter Long Sweatshirts: Take 2
In this picture of the floral sweatshirt you can see more of the orange/coral flowers that match the sleeves and ribbing. It’s hard to see from far away. On the gray you can see the fabric pieces that I added for more length.
Cozy Winter Long Sweatshirts: Take 2

This gray one I made without making any alterations to the pattern. It was my first: a wearable muslin. I did add a thick band to the neckline for a cozy neckline. The overall length is great, but the sleeves were too short so I cut them and added some matching fabric. It made them overly long, but I like them that way. I also sewed some long buttonholes to the sleeve bands for thumbholes which I love. This gray is a thicker heathered gray jersey. It’s a great basic piece.

Cozy Winter Long Sweatshirts: Take 2
What is you cozy, winter momiform this year?


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