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We dress up for Christmas Eve dinner, so I made the kids’ new dressy outfits. I had a lot of fun looking through my stash for red and green fabric or clothing to refashion. I wanted to go all out for the outfits, but still have them comfortable for the kids to be kids. I found and created the perfect pieces for Christmas Even and hopefully through the winter.
These kids are adorable, and they adore each other. Henry is so excited for Christmas, and I’m constantly keeping Claire away from the presents because she keeps trying to unwrap them. 

I must divulge that I didn’t make Henry’s plaid button up shirt. I have made so many things for Christmas and my sister’s wedding that I had to be choosy in what I made. I refashioned his vest from one of my old vests that I’ve had for years. I kept the collar, armholes, front buttons, and then cut and used the ribbing. I used one of Henry’s tees for size. It’s not quite as red as I would have liked it to be, but it was quick project. I love how it looks so dapper like a cute, old man. The pants are a pair of green corduroy pants I was given to refashion. I was able to keep the back pockets, belt loops, and zipper fly. I used the the Tree Climber Trousers size 2 width and size 3 height.

For Claire I used a some gorgeous dark red fabric that I thrifted. It was a small cut of fabric that I eked this dress out of. It has diagonal tucks and diagonal petal pieces sewn on. I used a paper pattern that a friend gave me, (I’m too lazy to go look it up at this moment.) but it’s a generic sleeved gathered dress. The dress is basic, but the fabric makes it special. I added a couple of layers of gathered netting under the skirt to give it fullness, and then a layer of organza to keep it from scratching her.

Merry Christmas, everyone! Good luck, sewing everything on your list for the holidays!



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