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If you been watching me on instagram, you’ve seen that I’ve been making some little kid outfits for my sister’s wedding. Two suits, two bow ties, two dresses, and two diaper covers. I love sewing, but it’s really hard for me to make the same thing more than once. (That’s why I’ve never opened a shop. I need a challenge of something new to sew every time, or I get bored.) But I had the drive to make those cute kid’s outfits and I did it. But I needed some quick, spur-of-the-moment projects that sparked my creativity and kept me sane.
The sweater is refashioned from a sweater in my stash. It had a zipper up the back which was perfect to keep for going over big baby heads. I added a zipper protection to keep it soft against her. I used a 12 mos shirt as a guide to make it. It is too big, but it will be grown into. I love the subtle sweater texture.
The leggings are a heart print waffle knit cut from an old tee. I used the free baby legging pattern by go-to patterns. I always cut out the 12 mos size because I’m lazy and then she has lots of growing room. I like to keep them long to help keep her feet warm and then I don’t have to worry about socks.

Up she goes

The other two leggings I made her are from another waffle knit shirt and a sweater. The sweater fabric stretches out easily, so they are actually too big for Claire. They’ll be great for Spring though!

And I didn’t leave Henry out. I made him two new bow ties. And I learned how to tie bow ties. These are so quick and satisfying. I used two fabric scraps to make these, and I used Delia’s free bow tie pattern and tutorial.


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