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It’s December! And it might be crunch time for you for gifts! I really enjoy putting some time and love into special handmade gifts, but if you’re like me you might not have to to put indot handmade gifts. Here are eight DIY kid and baby gift ideas that can be made pretty quickly. (These ideas are geared towards one year olds or preschoolers that like dressing up.)
1. Simple Animal Felt Masks: These are so adorable, but so simple. You could even hot glue the felt on instead of sewing!
2. DIY Peekaboo Turtle Stuffie: My baby is way into stuffed animals right now, and this turtle is interactive. She would love pulling the turtle out of the shell!
3. DIY Pirate Dressup Pieces: I made these for Henry last Spring and the hat and sword are used on a daily basis. They might be his very favorite toys of all time.
4. DIY Photo Board Book: If you have an old board book lying around, glue on some pictures. You suddenly have a new, sentimental book!
5. DIY Knight Helmet Free Pattern and Tutorial: Make your child a new hat for keeping warm and for dressing up!
6. Button-Practice Stuffie: Make a stuffie that looks like your child with button-on arms and legs. They use their imagination to switch up the arms and legs and get lots of button practice.
7. Superhero Cuffs: This is perfect for a little boy and his superhero love. Or put some jewels on to look like cuffed bracelets for a girl!
8. Collapsible Cardboard Playhouse: This one looks complicated, but it’s actually pretty simple. And it’s collapsible so you can put it away when your kids aren’t playing with it!


Author: Heather