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I was so excited to make Christmas Pajamas for the kids this year, but I kept putting it off thinking I had so much time. Luckily, the ladies from Once Upon A Sewing Machine asked me to be apart of their Ruffled PJ Pattern tour which gave me the kick to get started. Once I got started and looked at my calendar, I realized if I wouldn’t have started them they probably wouldn’t have happened! The pattern is on sale for $5 this week, no coupon code needed!

I decided to used a bunch of knits from my refashion stash because knit is my jam. I love it, and thought it would be super comfy for the kids to sleep in. I wanted to used green, but all my green was used up for the kid’s Fall/Winter collection, so I used a bunch of shades of red. I used the pattern top for both kids and then drafted some simple leggings for each of them.
If you’re interested you can read more about the Fair Isle Christmas tree skirt.

For Henry I flipped the button placket to the front, eliminated the gathering on the bottom piece, and eliminated the gathering on the sleeves. I used a colorblocked men’s tee so I just kept the colorblocking going for the shirt. I had to piece the sleeves together, but you can’t really tell. I reused the original neckband, sleeve hems, and shirt hem. I used snaps for the front placket.
I used a striped tank top for the leggings.
For Claire I did everything like the pattern except I used knit. I didn’t line the bodice though and left of the front ruffle. I used a reindeer tee that I’ve had in my stash for a long time waiting for a little girl. I used some red fabric from my stash for the sleeves and the bottom part. I used rib knit for the neckline and snaps for the back placket.
I used a red tee for the leggings keeping the original hem and making the legs extra long for growth and to keep her feet warm.
It turned out nice that Henry is dark red on top and bright red on bottom and Claire is bright red on top and dark red on bottom.
Merry Christmas everyone! We’re so excited to start all the festivities and see the excitement in our kids!


Author: Heather