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My sister is getting married today! Back in the summer when she got engaged, we decided to make her wedding dress together. We chose a pattern and made the first mock-up. We did the first fitting at my mom’s house, and afterwards my sister randomly decided to try on my mom’s wedding dress. And she fell in love with it. She wanted to wear it! So we switched all our plans and planned the alterations. Isn’t she beautiful?
This is my sister wearing the dress before we did any alterations. The netting on the back and sleeves had browned over time. We took out the browned netting and replaced it with netting from my late grandma. We shortened the sleeves and took out the flair. We cut down the neckline and replaced some of the lining. We saved all the lace from the parts we cut off and placed them on the front and back neckline are. We also replaced the zipper because it was deteriorating.

Here are the two beautiful brides side by side. My brother edited the background of my sister to look like my mom’s.

It took awhile to sew in all the lace pieces, but it turned out so pretty. It was fun to work on it with my sister too. And it has so much history in it.


Author: Heather