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Striped Perri Pullover and Black Skinny Pants

After making a bunch of stuff for the kids, it's time to make stuff for me. Especially since this year I decided to spend all my birthday money on fabric and patterns for me. Last Fall and Winter I was pregnant, so I didn't buy or make anything besides maternity clothes. Which means my Fall and Winter wardrobe needs a little bit of bulking up. Or I've gotten rid of a lot of clothes that don't feel like "me," so I'm lacking in the warm clothes department. Whatever it is, I'm making myself a lot of Fall and Winter clothes right now.
The first things I've finished are a Perri Pullover and some Skinny Pants.
Let's talk about the pants first. I used a black knit that Scary from the Shaffer Sisters gave me. I'm not sure what it is, but it's like a stretch twill almost like a ponte knit. But the outside is soft like a brushed cotton or velvet. It's not quite as stretchy as I would have liked, but it's great for pants. The pattern went smoothly except that what I had printed out was too big because I made it right after I had Claire. I have since lost some weight and had to shave off the sides. The only changes I made were to change the front patch pockets to faced pockets, moved the back pockets down, and added a faux fly.
I have been eyeing this pattern for a long time. I love the ease of it, the simplicity, and the comfort. The only changes I made was raise the front neckline two inches which is right about perfect. I made a size XS and M length. I still feel like it's really wide, but it'll be great for Fall days. Or hot summer days next summer when I was a casual sweatshirt. The fabric is a thrifted stable single knit fabric almost like a sweater knit. But it didn't stretch out or fray while I was sewing so I was really easy to use. I did the whole pullover with a straight stitch. I love the vintage and muted colors and the side pockets. This pullover came together really fast. I'm going to make lots more!
Oh, I love cozy tops for Fall! Bring on the cold, layers, and cozy clothes!
I have a big striped knit remnant leftover from this pullover and am selling it in my shop. I always talk about sewing on the cheap and thrifting fabric, so I'm going to try to bring some of those deals to you. I'll sell the fabric or remnants for cheap, and I'll mail it the cheapest way possible. (Unless you want it really quick!) Hopefully I'll be able to share inexpensive fabric with you!

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