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Quilt of Memories

In our new congregation I've been working with the young women. This year they each made a quilt along with the leaders. Every girl bought a yard of fabric that represented them and then traded. Since we moved in in the summer I only got the leftovers. I used the leftovers, and then all of my cotton wovens from my stash. It was so fun to think back to all the memories and projects I've done. It's now keeping Henry warm because he just moved up to a twin bed, and I haven't made time to make him a new bedspread.
My two favorite squares are these two. One is a handkerchief from my grandmother, and one is some embroidery I did for something and never ended up using. There are so many fun memories in this quilt!


  1. What a lucky little boy. And I love the Lemon fabric on there. So cute.

  2. Love the shirt. And love the fabric! Got it in great shape. Thanks again!


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