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Match With Me: Stripes and Leather

I am so excited for today's outfits. I made coordinating outfits for Henry and I! Sewing for boys is my first sewing love. When Henry was first born, there were hardly any boy sewing inspiration or tutorials. The sewing community has gotten a lot better at great boy's clothes, and a lot of that has come from awesome boy sewing series. Like the series Match With Me by Stacey from Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts. It's a series about making coordinating outfits for mothers and sons. How fun is that? So I made a pullover for me and a sweatshirt for Henry. And had lots of fun styling our outfits.
I used the same fabric for Henry and I. It's a white and blue heavier weight terry knit. I thrifted about 3 yards for a couple of dollars. I used the reverse for mine, so it feels like wearing a soft towel or a robe. I made myself a Perri Pullover, skipped the pockets, and added white faux leather pockets to the front. For Henry I drafted a basic raglan sleeve sweatshirt. I also added gray faux leather elbow pads for a nice touch. I used white ribbing for mine and gray ribbing for Henry's.
I had dreams of a smooth photoshoot which would produce gorgeous photos of Henry and I that I would cherish and hang on our walls. Well, that didn't quite happen. Even though Henry made funny faces, I still love us together and these photos.
I'm wearing thrifted pants, hand-me-down boots, and hand-me-down scarf. Henry is wearing a crocheted hat lined with fleece (because he complained it was itchy) that I made. The pants are made by me and the boots are refashioned by me.
I can't not laugh at his faces. He's so grown up!


  1. I love everything about both your outfits. Your boots are killer too!

  2. Soooo cute. Both outfits are perfect and they go with one another without being too matchy. And his faces are simply the best!

  3. His faces are killing me! You both look great.


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