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For the first time in our married life, we got a real tree this year. Up until now we used a tiny artificial tree because we lived in such a small apartment. We finally have the space, so I decided to make a really fun Christmas tree skirt. I’ve had this idea for a couple of years and finally made it.

I love the fair isle motif and made a giant one for the whole skirt. I used two quilting cottons for the top and a flannel for the backing. The ivory with gold shimmer was found in the remnant bin. I got the red with gold dots 50% off at Joann’s. I love the bold contrast and the touch of glimmer. It’s so fun to see, and it’ll be soon covered with gifts. Henry already wrapped his gift for Claire to put under the tree.

I’m not great at quilting, but I get inspired every once in awhile and just go for it. There are definitely imperfections and tucks on the backing, but it looks great from the front and covers what it needs to. I’m hoping that it’ll last a long time. I’m so excited to start the holiday season!

It was so fun to pick out a tree with the kids.


Author: Heather