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I am getting so excited for Christmas. I’m holding off decorating, but we’ve been listening to Christmas music for weeks. This year is especially fun because this year Henry gets it. Everyday he asks if it’s Christmas yet. Besides the magic of a handmade Christmas, I want Henry to learn how special it is to give to others. I want him to be excited about giving gifts.
When I was asked to review Handmade Scandinavian Christmas book by Stitch Craft Create, I first wanted to make some nature-inspired Christmas decor. I love the Scandinavian Christmas look, and there were so many great ideas in the book. After looking and looking I just wanted to do one of the kids’ crafts with Henry. I wanted to make a memory with him. I decided to help him make a stuffie that he could give his sister for Christmas. 

First, I had him draw a picture of a person that we would make. There is a template in the book, but I decided he would enjoy it more if he could draw it. Then I let him choose the fabric he wanted to use. I traced the shape of his person onto the fabric, stitched around it, and stuffed it. He got to look through all my buttons to choose some eyes and a nose, and he picked the places where I sewed them on. Then I let him draw the rest of the features with a fabric marker.

It was a simple craft we could do together, but we both enjoyed it. We didn’t just make a silly stuffie together, we made a fun Christmas memory together and the stuffie will always remind us of that.

He is excited to give it to his sister, but he loves it too. It might have to be more of a shared toy.

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