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I made two more Perri Pullovers. I might be a little addicted. Or maybe I just want lots of cozy clothes for the winter. Clothes that are comfortable and cozy and perfect for lounging around at home with the kids. Most cold days we play together, and we never even go outside. Besides making two pullovers, I made two Ponte de Roma leggings using a free leggings pattern. All the fabric I used in this post was purchased from Fabric.com with my birthday money. 

The gray pullover is a heathered terry knit. I couldn’t decide which side of the fabric to use because both sides were so great. I decided to block out the pieces and use both sides of the fabric. It’s perfect. I didn’t make any other alterations except lengthen the pattern. For the printed top I changed the sleeves to raglan, skipped the bottom band, and skipped the pockets. It’s also a terry knit, so it’s also really cozy. Both these pullovers are like wearing robes or snuggies all day. What’s better than that?

The leggings are made out of a really high-quality, thick heathered Ponte de Roma. I got a navy and a black. I wanted solid but realized they would get worn and faded quickly, so I thought the heathered look would hide that better. And hide all the kid smudges I attract during the day. It turns out the fabric looks like stretch twill, so they look like jeggings except I didn’t add any jean details. I made them very simple for simple, easy days.

The printed top is great, and it matches my black tuxedo stripe hudson pants. This is even more comfortable and perfect for lounging than the leggings! What’s your favorite outfit to wear on cozy days?


Author: Heather