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Provo Fashion Week

The weekend before my birthday I was able to attend Provo Fashion Week with my sister. I won some tickets from While Camden Sleeps and was able to go with my sister. It was so much fun!
Most of my pictures didn't turn out because the lighting wasn't great, but I got some pictures to share. I love the black dress with the flared hem, plunging back, and the awesome feather in her hair. And the three tiered black maxi dress was really unique.
This first dress had velvet ribbing attatched in a really intricate design. It was beautiful. And the FRINGE on the last one. I'm not a fringe person, but I can definitely appreciate it!
My favorites were the menswear, a magnificent coat, and a maxi sequin dress. Sorry, I don't remember any of the designers, but you can look them up on the Provo Fashion Week website!
If you want to see some fun times and some of the catwalk, check out Wearing it on my Sleeves video.

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  1. This was such a fun night! So glad I got to meet you! You got some great pics, I should have taken some too.


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