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Fall/Winter Collection: Inspiration and Story

When I started sketching and planning, I chose the colors gray, green, blue, navy, black, and white. I chose them because I had lots of clothes and scraps in those colors. Gray and green made me think of a forest and wolf cubs romping together. I searched for some pictures and came up with these inspiring images that directed my designing.
1, 2, 3, 4
After I kind of got going, I realized I had so much fabric and clothing to refashion that I could make almost the whole collection without buying any new fabric or cutting into any new fabric. I ended up cutting into a little bit of sweatshirt fabric and buying a shower curtain for something coming up. 
I am really proud of myself for not using any cuts of fabric, but using lots of clothing because it was starting to pile up. This also means that this collection cost less than $20. I love being able to clothe my children for cheap, and still have them look great and the style I like.
These are two reversible pinafore dresses that I made for Claire. I used a free pinafore dress pattern. I used two skirts and some scraps to make them. They are still WAY too big for Claire. I'm hoping they'll fit her sometime this winter. It'll be great over tights or leggings and long sleeves.


  1. So cute. And way to go you, what a great deal. And some very lucky kids. :)

  2. Cute dresses! I've used that pinafore pattern before -- it is huge!! The one I made is just now fitting my 3 1/2-year-old.


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