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Fall/Winter Collection: Dress Up Outfits

Today I'm sharing some of the kids' nicer outfits that they can wear to church or nice events. I tried to make each item as versatile as possible.
The pants are the Tree Climber Trousers pattern. I really love this pattern. I like the slim fit, knee details, and back pockets. I changed the front patch pockets to normal pockets, left off the belt loops, did snaps instead of buttons on the back flaps, and kept the faux fly. I was going to do a real or half-fly, but I realized I needed to make going potty as easy as possible so I just did an elastic waistband. I used some gray suiting scraps that my sister gave me, but I used every possible bit and barely made it. I had to use lining in more places than the pattern suggested to make it work.
For the shirt I cut up a large men's button up shirt to make it smaller for Henry. It's still WAY to big for him and probably won't fit him for another year. It looks great under sweaters though. I reused the sleeve hem, collar, front button placket, front pocket, and back yoke.
Henry had these boots last year. We got them a size larger thinking that his feet would grow a lot. Well they haven't so he still fits into them but the front was all scuffed up. So I added some leather to the front tips just like this leather patch tutorial. I don't think they'll hold up well, but they're easy to glue back on or add a new piece.
For Claire I made another sweatshirt dress, but this time I made it out of a jersey tee. It looks more like an oversized shirt, and I really like the look. The original shirt had gathering at the hem, collar, and sleeve hems, so I reused it all. The sleeves are a little long as is the hem, but it's great for growing into.
The skirt is from an empire waist woven cotton shirt. I just cut it at the length I wanted, added an elastic waistband casing, and wham: a new skirt with pockets and a cool hem detail. It's a fun print, but very subtle which is great for mixing with other prints because I have a print obsession. I was going to pair this outfit with some white leggings I made, but they were in the wash. I was too lazy to make a big effort, so she is wearing some RTW leggings.
My babies. They have awesome facial expressions.
Come back soon for one more day of the collection!

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  1. These little ones are such cute models and you make the cutest clothes. I raised 4 sons and know how hard it is to sew for boys! Enjoy your week! Happy Halloween hugs, Diane


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