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Fall/Winter Collection 2014: Triangles, Stripes, and Floral

I decided to make somewhat matching pants for Henry and I. I'm not really apart of their collection, but Suzanne from Winter Wear Designs just came out with her Aviator pants for women and I basically begged her to be apart of it. I had planned some Aviator pants for Henry for this collection and couldn't wait to make some similar ones for me.
I didn't do them exactly matching (like Henry and his dad's pants) but I used the same charcoal and black striped fabric for the main part of my pants and the bottom of Henry's pants. Instead of going trendy track pants, I decided to make myself some comfortable lounge pants. So here are Henry and I in our lounging glory: no make-up and lots of fun.
Henry's shirt is a Billy Button Bright Eyes Tee made from one of my husband's old t-shirts. I love the argyle print on it. His pants are the Aviator Pants by Winter Wear Designs. I really love these pants and the awesome style lines. I used a true green sweatshirt fabric for the main part of the pants and a soft interlock for the bottom part. I also used it for the cuffs which was a little tricky but looks great in the end. I made a size 3 length and size 2 width.
I used the same interlock for my pants. It has a heavier interlock feel, but it's really soft to the touch. I used a floral ponte de roma knit for the bottom. I wanted to make floral pants but couldn't find floral sweatshirt fabric, so I decided to use ponte de roma instead. I love it. It's a little too drapey for my liking, but it still works. I used some orange rib knit for the cuffs and waistband. I made a size small and lengthened it by four inches. I love the fit, tight but not too tight. (I'm even wearing them while I type this.)
We're showing off out "triangles."
We are cheesers. Henry had a lot of fun pushing the button for our pictures.
I couldn't leave out Claire. I made her a simple hi-lo skirt. I made it hi-lo, so that it wouldn't get it the way of her crawling. It turns out it doesn't look hi-lo because of her adorable diaper baby bum. It's the same floral fabric I used on this dress, shirt, and onesie. I paired it with pink tights and the gray cardigan I made before she was born.
There have some been some really fun looks this week with the aviator pants. Get 15% off any pattern (excludes bundles) in her Etsy shop until 10/26 with code: AVIATORTOUR.
Or Grab both patterns for a discount of over 30% in the bundle listing!
And if you post anything you have made from Winter Wear Designs in the Facebook PDF Sales Group with #AviatorTour, youll have a chance to win 2 patterns of their choice from Winter Wear Designs. 


  1. Lovely Pictures, heather! I like the flower and orange bottom part of your Pants. It gives your aviators Pants a playful and comfortable look.

  2. You 3 are all adorable. I love your aviators! I prefer the lounge look on them to the formal/dressy ones that have been popping up on Facebook.

  3. Oh that is just too cute. I like it that your pants aren't really looking the same.


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