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Fall/Winter Collection 2014: Rocker Babies

Now these aren't exactly rocker outfits, but the plaid on Henry's shirt reminds me of a rockstar outfit. And Claire's leggings could be seen as edgy. I just kind of went with it. I wanted a basic black sleeve shirt for Henry to wear under other clothes, but I didn't want to keep it boring basic. I added a plaid yoke to the back that peeks over one shoulder and added the plaid down the underside of the sleeve. I used the Billy Bright Eyes Snappy Tee for the shirt.
I have not purchased anything or used any big cuts of fabric, so everything is scraps or refashions. That means the shirt body came from some old black leggings and the sleeves came from an old black t-shirt. Hopefully, they fade the same color! I really love the plaid that peeks over one shoulder. I had to because I didn't quite have enough fabric for the body and used the plaid. The jeans are the same jeans I refashioned a couple of weeks ago. The jeans are a little big for him even though they are a size 2 but he has lots of growing room. I also lengthened them two inches.
I love this little cheeser.
I also love this little girl and her little bit of sass. I took more pictures of her because she stays still for slightly longer than her brother. Claire is wearing a sweater I made before she was born. It's the perfect fit and color. I love it. I throw it over something to keep her warm or to dress her up because it can be pulled down for a sweater dress.
When she moves around it bunches up around her waist, but it can be pulled down to mid thigh. I love that it's like a dress, but it doesn't get under her knees and prevent her from crawling.
The leggings are made from an old women's tee. It was really thin so I lined it with white jersey. It keeps Claire extra warm. The printed fabric isn't very strong, so I'm sure all the crawling will destroy them pretty quickly. Maybe I'll have to add some knee pads. I used the free baby leggings sewing pattern. The shoes are some leather baby shoes I made this summer. They are still WAY too big for her because her feet are so small. She might not fit into them for another 6-12 mos!
She's a mover and a shaker. Once she decides to do something, watch out. This summer I made her a little leather bow from some leftover leather. I love it. I do forget to do her hair, but when I do it's really cute. Especially with a leather bow!


  1. I LOVE her leggings, and the plaid is so fun with his shoes. Outfits after my upcycling heart!

  2. So cute. I want a leather bow for myself! And I love that you upcycled the outfits. It is nice to see that done more often! Although I am feeling pretty proud, I only spent $10 on my girls Halloween costumes, the main fabric came from some upcycles. Which is a feat considering they are 7 and 5, bigger people mean you need more fabric!
    Well done, I can't wait to see what you add to the collection!


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