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DIY Sweater Pinafore and Diaper Cover

I have other things on my list, but I dropped them all and decided to refashion a sweater for an adorable baby outfit. I am making items for layering to keep Claire warm this winter. I used a women's sweater and some bias binding to finish the edges. The hat is from this post; it's still much too big for Claire!
For the dress I used this free baby crossover pinafore pattern. I shortened it two inches so it wouldn't be too long and get in the way of crawling. It's a little more like this baby smock tutorial. This dress is supposed to have the crossover in the back, but I really like it in the front. I used this classic free diaper cover pattern. I did French seams on all the seams so no serging would show through the knitting.
I can't wait for all the fun layering outfits this coming winter. And Claire pulled herself to standing at the couch today, so she's going to be walking soon. I predicting by Christmas! Also, after I took of the diaper cover and she was crawling around in a light pink onesie and light pink tights, I could see a future of this little dancing girl. She's growing up too fast!
Besides keeping her warm, it's also a great bib for all her food and spit up dribblings.
Happy Fall from this adorable little baby girl!


  1. OH she is adorable indeed :) What a cute and warm new outfit :)

  2. Such a good idea. I've thought of doing a refashion with a knitted sweater. I'll have to try that one day :-)

  3. She's so adorable! And i adored this refashion! =D


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