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Crocheted Gnome Hat

Did you see Delia's free toddler crocheted pointed bonnet from earlier this week? I love it. I decided to make one that day for Henry. I showed him the picture of Natalie in the hat, and he said, "and make me that shirt too, mommy." #sewingmomproblems
I used some thicker yarn that I thrifted, so I also had to go up a crochet hook. It made the hat a little bit bigger, but it'll work for a couple of years.
I love the point in the back. Henry isn't super into it yet, but it hasn't gotten super cold. I hope when it's get cold he'll like wearing it to keep his ears warm.
This is how he puts it on all by himself.


  1. Looks so fuzzy and warm! I need to find someone to crochet for me (because I know I'm not going to take the time to learn any time soon, ha!)

  2. Cute! I'm not ready for cold, but I do enjoy winter hats!


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