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A Mustache Shirt and an Arrow Shirt: Some Questions

I made Henry a shirt for his upcoming Fall/Winter collection. I feel like the concept was great, but it turned out looking like a pajama shirt. These pictures don't do it justice for how much it looks like a pajama shirt when Henry puts it on. What do you think? Do you think it looks like pajamas? Is it the sleeve cuffs? Can I fix it to make it look like a regular shirt?
I thrifted this AMAZING shirt with arrows printed all over it. How trendy is this? I'm just stuck. It's so cool so I want to use it, but I'm too scared to ruin it. Should I refashion it for myself? I just don't think I'll wear it that much. Should I refashion it for Claire? I'd love to do a toddler dress refashion for Claire, but by the time she can fit into it will arrows be out of fashion?


  1. I think knit shirts with small prints usually do end up looking like pajama shirts. The cuffs might contribute to it, but I think it is really the small print.

  2. I have a shirt for myself made from that fabric, and it doesn't look like pajamas at all. My boys also each have a shirt from it. I don't think theirs look pajama-y either, but they are raglan and short sleeved. I think it might be the cuffs.

  3. Hmm, I do like the shirt, especially with the two different sleeves. You could try switching the cuffs, so that they are less in contrast with the sleeve.
    With respect to the arrow shirt, how about refashioning it for Henry? I think he could pull it off (unless he is already very opinionated about pink of course). With the remnants you could probably still make a little skirt or something for Claire.

  4. Maybe short sleeves would do? Use it as a t-shirt? Or even some more colorful details. I like contrast. :)
    Baby bloomers for Claire? And a top or dress.

  5. For me it's the mismatch! We have a set of PJs like that. Also, the arrows are subtle and I don't think they'd look trendy or dated later. I love the color!

  6. Switching the cuffs and taking the patch pocket off might do the trick. If it is still too pyjama-ey then I would be tempted to remake the front neckline binding with the black fabric.
    Or try taking the pocket off first to see how much of a difference it makes?

  7. Arrow shirt for Claire! I don't think it would matter how long until she can fit into it. It is just so cute!
    As for the shirt for Henry, I like it as is. And I don't think it looks to pj-ish. But maybe use it to layer with for this winter?

  8. I love the mustache shirt. As far as the arrow shirt, I just saw somewhere a men's shirt turned into a pencil skirt with buttons down the back... can't remember where, but I think it would be SUPER cute in that fabric. :)

  9. Maybe it's too late and you've cutted it already but I would refashion the shirt for Claire. As for the mustache shirt, I think it's the mismatch too. But as many sugested maybe switching the cuffs will help?!


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