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Me Made: Striped and Floral Staple Dress

I made another staple dress. I have a problem. At least I admit it, right? I totally love this pattern. I will use it forever. If I were a dress, this would be me. Stripes, floral, blue colors, feminine, flattering but not too tight, comfortable, nursing and somewhat maternity friendly, and a quick sew.
This time I cut it off at the waist and cut two half circle skirts out of a striped voile. It's so soft and somewhat sheer so I did two layers. I altered the bodice to be a surplus top for nursing. I used a soft floral woven that I found in the remnant bin. It's so soft and drapey. I added elastic to the waist line to give me a cinched waist. I love that it's flattering and feminine, but it gives me breathing room. It's comfortable and breezy. I'm a little worried about making it work for Fall and Winter. Any idea's for wearing it with layers?
These fabrics are so gorgeous and perfect together. It was a match made it heaven. I love all the different blues and how well they go together. There's also a really light peach flower on the top that warms it up. I have a little bit of each fabric left to make some pretty things for Claire. I also added a snap at the neckline so I wouldn't flash anyone. The fabric was just a little to soft and drapey that it wouldn't always stay as closed as I wanted it.
The skirt is so drapey and flowy. I feel like a princess when I wear it. The stripes of the skirts go opposite directions which is really cool in real life. The stripes are really hard to photograph so they don't show up well!
Here's to the staple dress! I have one more planned, a LBD coming up soon!


  1. Gorgeous! I would recommend something structured to wear it with this fall, like some sort of blazer, or a nice jean jacket. Something completely opposite of soft and comfy. Not that it has to be not soft and comfy, but you don't want to loose your shape. Pair in some thick tights and boots, and it will be perfect for fall and winter!
    I love all the dresses you have made from this pattern. My favorite is the Navy swiss dot one. Guess I need to put this pattern on my list of ones to buy! I can't wait to see what you make from it next!

  2. You are unstoppable! Love this one as well :)


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