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Pom Pom Diaper Cover

Claire fits in the adorable pom pom diaper cover now. She's not quite crawling, but I couldn't wait to share the adorableness of the pom poms.
These pom poms are great because it doesn't bother her when she sits down or moves around. She even took naps with the diaper cover on!
Nakie baby chub is the best. And so are those pom poms!
See the diaper cover tutorial after the break.
diaper cover - either buy or make one
1 yard pompom trim - I purchased mine at Joann's. They have lots of different colors!
1. Cut the trim into three equal lengths. 
2. Pin the trim onto the diaper cover equal distances apart. Fold the ends under to finish the edges.
3. Sew the trim on with a straight stitch.
Put them on your little cutie and enjoy the adorableness. Wouldn't these be a great and easy gift? You could even mix and match patterns and colors.



  1. Naked babies with chub are so cute! And what a fun diaper cover, just something extra that is little. Too bad everyone I know is having boys!

  2. It doesn't get any cuter than that! What an adorable baby, and she's so lucky to have a mommy that makes her such cute things!


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