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How to Shorten Sleeves of a Button Up Shirt

Everyone has very individual measurements which means we all need alterations to make our clothes look good. Shortening the sleeves of a button up shirt is one of the very easiest alterations! Sleeves can only be shortened up to an 1" though, if you shorten any more you won't be able to roll up your sleeves.
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1. Use a seam ripper to take the cuffs off. Mark (up to an 1") up from the original seam. Then mark 3/8" down for the seam allowance. Cut on the seam allowance line.
2. Pin the cuff onto the sleeve matching the top of the cuff to the marked seam line.
3. The pleats will be adjusted and deepened. You will have to play with them until they fit.
4. Sew with a regular stitch on the original cuff seam line.
5. Make sure you caught everything on the back side.
6. Press the new pleats really well. You're done!


  1. That's so easy, and still I always feel too lazy for this small adjustments when sewing. hehe

  2. yes! I'm lazy too! so easy, but I just HATE hemming. I want to make something FUN! :) or lay in bed and read awesome blogs all day! ha

  3. I used to pinch out a 2-inch tuck above the elbow. Sewn, it looked like a design detail.


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