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Floral and Striped Linen Shirts

This shirt has a crazy back story. I purchased this striped linen fabric before I moved to SLC. So I bought this fabric more than three years ago. I had the idea to make a linen top with a collar and a chevron yoke button placket. Well, it was never made. Then a couple of weeks ago I was at Hancock's and happened to buy Simplicity 2447 for $1. It's basically the pattern I had been looking for! I was so glad I didn't have to make my own pattern. Sometimes I'm lazy.
I only had about a yard of fabric so I had to fill in with some other fabric. I used some floral fabric from a tank top in my stash. I used it for the band, the back yoke, the pocket, and a sleeve tab. Then I used navy linen for the under collar and button placket. I wish I could've done longer sleeves, but I didn't have enough fabric to do more than short sleeves.
I like it that it's loose and comfy for summer. But it'll look great with a pencil skirt too. I love the floral pop. I originally thought it would be a basic and versatile shirt, but now it's something that can stand out on it's own. I'm a little sad it took me so long to make it and that it's at the end of summer, so I won't be able to wear it very much.


  1. Way cute shirt! And I think you could wear it into fall and winter, just put a long sleeve under it. One of those down east basic type shirts. It would still look awesome!
    I think I am going to have to look for that pattern. It looks like a winner!

  2. So cute! I love that it is so versatile. You could dress it up, dress it down. Wear it in summer or fall. Way to go!

  3. Cute! Love the pop of floral. You can never go wrong with florals and stripes! :)

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