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Entirely Upcycled Boy Outfit

I'm joining in at the very end of the Project Run and Play hand-me-down week. I almost didn't make it! I wanted to join in but the week was kind of getting the better of me. But I made it! And this outfit cost $0.
I used two shirts, a button up and a t-shirt, that my brother gave to me and a pair of jeans from a friend. I used a kid's Simplicity pattern for the button up shirt, Billy Button Shirt, and Small Fry Skinny jeans.
I reused the cuffs and plackets, the front button placket, front pockets, collar and band, and the shoulder tabs. On the tee I reused the shirt hem, sleeve hems, and neckband. The button up shirt I made for Henry is unfortunately still a little big and probably won't fit him for a year. The tee fits him great though.
I reused the belt loops, front zipper, waistband, and the back pocket stitching. I added lots and lots of topstitching to make them look good. I put in some awesome print fabric in the pocket lining.
He was not cooperating. I love the faces of this kid. He is so expressive.


  1. You rock! I LOVE the pocket lining. And those faces!

  2. Fabulous remakes, the jeans look so professional - an inspiration:)

  3. Woo hoo! Worth every minute you spent on this outfit :)

  4. I love it! And most of all I love his faces!

  5. Priceless expressions! And such a cute, practical outfit--I love that it cost $0 and will get tons of use!


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