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DIY Reupholstered Rocker Recliner

When my grandma passed away I got a velvet mauve rocking recliner chair. It was super comfortable and still in great condition. Mauve is just not my color. I used it for two years because we didn't have space to redo it. Since we moved I finally had space to spread out and redo it. I used a gorgeous microfiber Ikat fabric that I fell in love with a year ago.
The chair currently resides in Claire's room. The only decorating I've done in there is put up pretty turquoise striped drapes. It's mostly there to block the light, and it's actually a tablecloth for the Ikea as-is section.
It took me forever to take out most of the staples. After getting through part of it and after getting some advice from my dad, I realized that I didn't have all the right tools and couldn't take apart everything in the rocker and recliner. So I decided to to staple the fabric in as much as I could, and then hand sew in the rest. I hate hand sewing, but it was worth it to get the chair finished.
I love it and it looks so good! Just don't look very closely because some of the hand sewing shows in the back.


  1. It looks fabulous! I am a little spoiled. My mom went to school to do this, so I have access to everything, as well as someones brain who knows what to do to help me! Which is so nice when there is a fabulous piece of furniture that just needs new fabric!

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  3. Love it! Ambitious, and it turned out great!

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