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Cardigan Onesie Babies All Grown Up

Remember my cardigan onesie tutorial I posted two years ago? The first of all the cardigan onesies and made them so popular! Well, the two cardigan onesie babies are back, but they are all grown up! 
The other little boy had a gray cardigan, so I had to make Henry an orange one just like the original. I thrifted an orange sweater and then cut it up smaller to fit Henry. Then I cut it down center front and added a knit band and snaps.
These boys have so much fun together. Henry has really been missing his buddies since we moved. The other day he heard some neighbor kids outside playing and Henry wanted to go outside. I said that I didn't want to talk to anyone, and Henry replied, "but our neighbors are outside."
I don't have the original orange cardigan onesie right now, but I do have the cardigan from the easier cardigan onesie tutorial for the second generation babies, aka the siblings.
 They are so cute in their cardigans!
Crazy hair, don't care


  1. Ok, this is way too cool, and so fun! And yes, I loved the idea when you first did it. And I was so mad when everyone copied you! Thanks for sharing this little update!

  2. What a fun idea, they are too cute!!


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