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12 Pants Refashion Tutorials

I know I refashion pants all the time, but I was worried I wouldn't be able to find very many. Well, I was wrong! There are lots and lots of pants refashion tutorials out there and here are just twelve.
If you love any of these ideas, click over to the tutorial and pin from there! (Give them credit for their hard work!) 

Kid Pants Refashions
  1. How To Make Cute Knickerbockers by My Poppet
  2. Refashioned Boy Pants Tutorial by Blue Eyed Freckle
  3. Slim Slacks For Boys Refashion by This Mama Makes Stuff
  4. Pants To Jumper Tutorial by No Big Dill
  5. Gold Heart Knee Patches by Susan Peterson on Design Mom
  6. Baby Skinny Pants Free Pattern and Tutorial by Feathers Flights
Women Pants Refashions

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