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Wearing Big Brother's Clothes

It has been really fun dressing Claire in some of Henry's old baby clothes, especially the ones I made for him. I love comparing them at the same age. Here are a couple with the links to the pieces I made. Feel free to join in using the tag #wearingbrothersclothes! I'd love to see what clothes get rotated through your kids!
rock and roll outfit - I have since shortened the body so it has better proportions. This one was too tight on the legs for Claire so she only wore it once.
walrus onesie - no change but it was also too tight on the legs for Claire
I love sibling photoshoots! They are both wearing 4th of July shirts from Grandma, but both were Henry's first.
1. Baby bib scarf, Billy Bright Eyes Snappy Dinosaur Tee, and pink shorts 2. Twelve week old Henry and Claire in the same pajamas from Grandma
1. Nautical boat shirt from my sister from France 2. Navy romper with pink cardigan (that I wore as a baby) and pink socks 3. Navy romper with gray cardigan, navy headband, and bow shoe socks 4. Walrus onesie, striped cardigan, and jean shorts
A little too much love in this picture


  1. Your littles have THE cutest faces!!!! Seriously, they are adorable!

  2. Claire reminds me so much of you!


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