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Project Updates and Moving

We moved! And it went well even though this was our first time moving with kids. I don't have any sewing projects to show you today because this is the state of my sewing room at the moment. It's the same room as all the kid's toys. It's a mess because I ordered an L-shaped desk, and it's taking forever to arrive. Don't mind the mess in every single picture. Real life here, right?
I did put a new slipcover on my office chair because it was starting to get holes. It was a thick cotton woven in Hancock's remnant bin. I'll show you a close up of the fabric once my sewing room is all situated.
We actually have a backyard now so my parents gave me their old outdoor bench. I'm painting it yellow because yellow makes me happy. And I underestimated how much spray paint I need so that project is on hold.
My kitchen was basic and boring so I bought some granite print contact paper and covered our laminate backsplashes. It really adds to our kitchen and brightens my day.
I'm also currently reupholstering a chair and it'll take a lot more time because I have to do a bunch of hand sewing. You can see pictures of the process on instagram!

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