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Me Made: Navy Swiss Dot Staple Dress

Everything went well with our move, and we are slowly settling in. It takes awhile to find a place for everything. While we were packing up, I whipped up a simple dress using the Staple Dress pattern for some family pictures. It was the only pattern that was easily accessible. I really love the femininity and simplicity of this dress. (Don't worry, I only have one more staple dress planned before I'm done with that pattern for awhile!)
I added a continuous bound placket to the front neckline so I would have easy nursing access. I also added a band around the hem to give it the length I like. I didn't have quite enough yardage to cut it long enough. I did a subtle hi-lo hem, and I love it. It gives me a little extra bending room in the back.
Pattern: The staple dress. I added length, a front placket, and took in the neckline.
Fabric: Navy swiss dot* from Fabric.com.
Time: 3 hours
Cost: $12. Originally $4.98 a yard and I used as much of the 2.5 yards that I ordered as I could.


  1. It's a lovely dress, pretty and practical.

  2. Really nice and great for summer. I like that you've chosen a dark colour especially when you're with kids. I find that dark coloured colouring is the best when it's with young kids (unfortunately)

  3. I love this dress. It looks fantastic. Totally something I would buy. Guess I need to pick up that pattern! Your pictures turned out gorgeous. And I am so glad the move went smoothly. Good luck unpacking and finding a place for everything.

  4. I found your blog through someone's Pinterest showing your silk Staple shirt. I also bought that Pattern Parcel but have yet to use it. Seeing all your different makes from one pattern is totally cool and inspiring. I might have to bump that up on my to-do list. :-)

  5. I know you aren't really planning on doing tutorials anymore, but could you enlighten me/us on how to install snaps? I have one of those gizmos to do it, but no idea how to do it!

    1. Here is a better tutorial than I could ever do! http://www.kamsnaps.com/Instructions-for-Snap-Pliers-15.html

  6. You transformed the Staple dress -- this is one of my favorite patterns. I think I may have to try this.


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