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Knock it Off: DIY Ikat Baby Dress and Bloomers

I'm so excited to be participating in Heidi's Knock it Off seriesI really love following this series! All my readers know how cheap frugal I am, so this series is right up my alley. I like dressing my kids in nice clothes, but dislike spending a lot of money on them. When I first signed up for this series, we were planning on moving in September, so I signed up for an early date. Then we decided to move earlier, i.e. tomorrow, so I wasn't able to put together a tutorial. But I share two free patterns later in the post, so you can make something similar for cheap!
It took me awhile to decide on what to make. I have a lot of expensive kid's clothes pinned to my pinterest boards, so I had too many things I wanted to make. But I couldn't get this Oscar de la Renta Ikat baby dress and bloomers out of my head, and then I found a cute Ikat skirt in my refashion pile. It was perfect to make a little dress and bloomers for Claire.
I skipped the lace details because my Ikat was much busier than the original and the gathered sleeves and bloomers gave enough detail to the outfit. I decided to add little gathered cap sleeves because I LOVE little flutter sleeves. I haven't had much of a chance to play with gathers since I had a boy first, so I thought I'd add some. I love the poofy bloomers, the keyhole back with a button loop, and the fun Ikat print.
Pattern: I used the free Little Tummy Tunic by Once Upon a Sewing Machine. This tunic looks more like my original inspiration which I was going for, but I decided to keep the pleats from the original skirt. The pleats made the look more like a little baby doll dress. I used a store-bought bloomer pattern my friend gave me, but Sewing Mama Raeanna has a free bloomer pattern that you can use.
Fabric: I used an Ikat skirt I had and also reused the lining so the dress is fully lined.
Time: 2 hours for both pieces
Cost: Free!
If you join in the Knock if Off sew-along than add it to the Knock it Off Flickr group. Two prizes will be awarded at random from the submissions. The prizes will be $100 and $50 gift certificates to Gold Star Tools. Join in so you might win!
Whenever I take pictures of Claire, Henry wants to join in. They are so cute together! And moving actually came in handy because they are sitting on a packed box to get in the right light.
I can't wait to see everyone else's fun knock offs!
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  1. So beautifully made, Heather! I love it (better than the original, I think!)! :) Your kids are so adorable, too! Thank you so much for participating in the series and good luck with the move.

  2. Well done. I love it. That is definitely one that should be kept to be handed down to grandkids. It gets so hard picking out the favorites to keep. Good luck with the move.

  3. Oh gosh! Little Claire is too much! And what a cute pair - her and Henry.
    Love the dress. I love copying more expensive clothes for cheap :)

  4. That outfit - and that baby - are too adorable for words!

  5. Love that fabric! You created a great look!

  6. So cute!! Love the outfit, and model!

  7. Sweet! Love your little model!! I love this series too. Deciding on an outfit to sew along with!

  8. Heather, your little girl is so adorable :) Love the photo of both of your kids together :) The outfits is just perfect for a little girl - bright and comfy :) Good luck with the move!

  9. Is she not adorable or what? You had my heart at "skirt in my refashion pile". Lol! Wonderful job.


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