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Floral and Striped Baby Outfit for Back to School

I decided to participate in the Willow and Co Back to School contest. Mostly because I was inspired, and I was excited to join in! I remixed both the mulberry tunic and the clover shorts for Claire. I thrifted some floral fabric and striped fabric a couple of weeks ago and was waiting for the perfect time to use it which was for this outfit!
The mulberry tunic only goes down to size 18 months, but I altered it to be more of a 9 month size. I eliminated the sleeves and neckline binding. Instead I fully lined the bodice with a pink gingham and made the seams on the front and back match. I left the shoulders wide so they look like cap sleeves while Claire is little. I kept the curved hem and added width and gathers to the bottom half. I added pink gingham side pockets. I used snaps on the button placket.
For the clover shorts, I used a size 6 mos but I changed the pleats to gathers on the front. I also halved the cuff so it doesn't fold up and inserted elastic. They look like little bloomers now! I left off the pockets, waist ruffle, and belt loops.
These fabrics look so good together! I think someone purchased them to go together and then just never got around to using them. I only had maybe a fat eighth of the floral so I squeezed everything out of it. I wish the bottom half would've been longer to be a long dress, but that was all the floral fabric I had!
She's a sweetie
As Claire gets bigger both pieces will grow with her. The dress is wide enough to be worn as a tunic and shirt which can be worn over a long sleeve shirt or under a cardigan. The shorts have lots of room to be worn over tights or leggings. I can't wait to see her wear these pieces through the rest of the summer and then into fall and winter.
While I was taking these flat outfit pictures, this was happening in the background. Henry was begging me to turn on Daniel Tiger (love that show!), and Claire was nakie and eating a CD. We're awesome.


  1. Are you serious!? This is probably the cutest baby in the cutest Mulberry remix ever! LOVE IT!

  2. Adorable. That top picture is so cute. Worth putting up in the living room!
    I love a good thrifted fabric, especially when they go together so well. I had a box of fabric given to me, mostly florals that are very old. But there was a really cute small cord with floral on it I wish I could get to you. It would be fun to see what you would make Claire with it.
    Well done, I love what you did with the fabric!

  3. Oh my. All those outfits. Every Single Piece. LOVE it all. So cute! And that Claire is darling too :)

  4. That is a great remix! Perfect for a wee babe, and that picture of her eating a CD, I die! She is so stinkin' cute!

  5. Such a cute top! I love the stripes and blue buttons!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ The Submarine Sunday Link Party!

  6. She just keeps getting cuter and cuter. I don't even like pink, but I am totally in love with the pieces you made her. Lovely job.


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