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I have been in search for the perfect wallet or clutch. Since I take my diaper bag with me almost every time I leave the house, I enjoy taking no bag out when I’m not with the kids. But that means I often always forget my wallet. Even when I bring my diaper bag, I sometimes forget to grab my wallet. So I’ve looked and looked and looked for something that would hold all my basics but look cute too. Luckily, I found the Necessary Clutch Wallet.

Faux Suede Necessary Clutch
It’s the best pattern I found and I struggled a little bit with the construction. I have very limited experience in bag construction, so this was a good learning experience for me. Earlier this summer Spoonflower had a free suede sample day so I ordered some Little Basket faux suede. I got one for free and then ordered another one for $6. I’m really impressed with it and I’m glad I used it for this bag! The colors and scallops make me so happy.
Faux Suede Necessary Clutch

I didn’t use a twist lock like the pattern recommended because I didn’t want to spend extra money. Instead I used snaps and then I sewed a huge button over the top snap. The wallet has space for tons of cards, a zipper pocket for coins, two long pockets, and I also fit my glasses, a little lotion bottle, and my favorite lip gloss. This really fits everything I need. I added the loops inside that eventually I’ll attach a strap for easier carrying. Here’s to not forgetting my cute wallet anymore! What do you always forget when you leave the house?

Faux Suede Necessary Clutch

Pattern: Necessary Clutch Wallet, I left off the front curved detail piece and the twist locks.
Fabric: two samples of faux suede, navy and white polka dot quilting cotton that I had in my stash (originally received for free), 1/2 yard of Michael Miller Mini Mikes Bunting for the lining. After I cut everything out, I was really worried that the suede and lining didn’t match as well, and I wasn’t sure where all the fabrics would line up. I’m so happy that the lining doesn’t show from the outside. Even if they don’t match as well as I thought they did, they both individually make me happy.
Time: 3 hours
Cost: Pattern $8, Suede $6, Lining $3.91

Faux Suede Necessary Clutch


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