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DIY Gathered Baseball Tee

I made myself a shirt, and it's the first item I made in our new place which is actually saying something because my sewing machine and serger are on the floor while I wait for my desk to come. (That's a story for another day. They lost my first order! How do you lose a desk?!) I've learned to push the pedal with my thigh. 
Anyway, I used the asymmetrical jersey top from Burdastyle. The original was made with black and white stripes which I love and might make it the future, but I decided to make mine as a play on a baseball tee.
I used basic white jersey and a bright coral jersey for the sleeves and neckline. I really like the little gathered details, and I think it dresses up the top. I struggled a little with the pattern because there's hardly an instructions. I'm not sure if I got the gathered parts to the right length. I opened the neckline up a little which then threw off the gathering at the top. I did a little adjusting, and it looks better but not perfect.
I do love the asymmetry and will probably make another one eventually. It's a unique pattern and would make a really cool dress if lengthened.
Here's to hoping that all your sewing projects are turning out and that my desk gets here soon! 


  1. Love this shirt. It looks fabulous on you! The colors, the fit, spot on. Wonder if it would look good for a wedding? I would much rather be comfortable that day!
    Thanks for sharing about the pattern, it is always hard to know what to expect sometimes from patterns!

  2. Thigh sewing- you are awesome!!!

  3. I love your shoes! And the top too. Super impressed with your thigh-sewing!


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