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Terry Knit Retro Pants

The other day I got a sudden inspiration to make Henry some pants from Elegance and Elephants Retro Sweatpants free sewing pattern. I had some red, white, and blue striped terry knit in my stash. I've been waiting to use it for Henry! There's still a little bit left for future use too.
I love the pockets on these pants. And Henry loves them too. He likes to store his cars and little toys in there.
Henry calls these his towel pants. There are a little bit long, the waistband is rolled once in these pictures, so he has a lot of growing room for this Fall and Winter.
They looks so comfy, I want to make some for myself!


  1. I love those! I saw this pattern on pinterest and now I am going to have to make them for my Henry!

  2. They do look comfortable. I love how you mixed those colours together.

  3. LOVE the fabric. and now I am wishing I had some for me. They look so comfy!


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