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Leather Baby Shoes

My brother and his family are moving across the country so they are getting rid of lots of stuff. My SIL had purchased a leather hide awhile back to fix her couch. She decided not to take it with them, so she gave it to me. Can you believe she gave me a hide of leather?! To repay her I made her daughter a bunch of new leather shoes and I made doubles of each for Claire. Leather was actually satisfying to work with and wasn't too difficult.
These bow shoes are basic baby shoes with a bow added to the top. I altered this baby shoe pattern to make it work with the leather. I really like the simplicity of these shoes with a statement bow on them.
I decided to make some mary janes for nicer functions. I altered the free pleated mary jane pattern. I eliminated the pleats because they would be too hard to do with leather (or maybe I was too lazy to figure it out.) I added elastic straps that hopefully will be tight enough. My SIL got all leather on the outside, but I LOVED the look of the suede so I tried flipping it for Claire. It stretched more so I had to add two little pleats at the toes.
I also made some little leather boots, and they might be my very favorite. They are so simple but will be great for winter. They will look so cute with tights or leggings. I used the free little red riding boots pattern. I had to alter them a little to work with leather, but it's easier because I don't have to line them. The suede is so soft and comfortable inside.
All new leather shoes for a winter baby. Hopefully Claire's feet will be big enough this winter!


  1. oh I love them all but the liitle boots!!! so cute.....

  2. The shoes are cute but I love the blanket they are on even more! Great trim.

  3. Lovely warm shoes for baby. I liked them all. The bow shoes are awesome.

  4. Nice informative post.. I was looking out for some leather baby shoes when i came across your post.. thanks for sharing this article. Keep posting similar stuff.


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