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In honor of today, the USA’s Independence Day, I’m having a giveaway! Today I get to give away three books, Stylish Skirts. I enjoyed this book and all the different styles and patterns it had. I decided to make the shirred skirt. I skipped the belt and the zipper, because zippers, and added a front kangaroo pocket with bias trim. I also left the top of the skirt ungathered so it’s a paper bag skirt.

DIY Shirred Skirt and Stylish Skirts Book Giveaway

I liked this book because instead of having patterns to trace, each skirt has a pattern with instructions for drafting. This is perfect for someone who likes to jump right into working with the fabric instead of doing lots of pattern-work first. I did find that there aren’t different measurements for different sizes, so you’d have to adjust up or down.

DIY Shirred Skirt and Stylish Skirts Book Giveaway

I really like this skirt because it has a big pocket and the shirring makes the waist fit a couple different sizes since my mother’s body has gone through lots of changes, and if more kids come there will be even more changes.
Pattern: Shirred skirt from Stylish Skirts
Fabric: Striped white and gray twill that I used for the father and son matching pants.
Time: 2 hours, since I did a couple alterations I kind of had to make it up as I went.
Cost: $3
DIY Shirred Skirt and Stylish Skirts Book Giveaway

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