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Three Basic Slouchy Tees

I decided to jump in to Katie's Back 2 Basics week. It was the perfect excuse to sew myself some basic slouchy tees that glide over post-baby lumps. I love my three new tees and might be wearing them way too much. I thrifted a slouchy tee with the perfect fit. It was too transparent, so I cut it up to use it as a pattern.
Pattern: Slouchy tee pattern
Fabric: Thick heathered jersey from the Walmart remnant bin. (Can you believe that?) It has the most amazingly soft texture and drape even though it's pretty thick.
Time: 30 minutes
Total Cost: $4
Pattern: Slouchy tee pattern. This jersey was a little weak, so the neckline is too open. I might go back and fix it.
Fabric: A heathered beige from a friend that I fabric stamped with a kite stamp. It was very transparent so I did a double layer.
Time: 45 min
Total Cost: $2
Pattern: Slouchy tee pattern altered to have a hi-lo hem.
Fabric: A thin, soft jersey that is a little hard to sew with but has a great drape.
Time: 30 min
Total Cost: $2


  1. Well....just yesterday I was in the thrift store looking for a t-shirt to use as a pattern! Aren't we both clever! You more so, because you got one, and made three t-shirts! Me...I guess I just wasn't into the right frame of mind, as I came away empty handed. But! Your posts has absolutely inspired me to give it another go! Are you using a double needle, or an overlock machine?

  2. These are some great tees. My go to pattern for t-shirts is the seafarer. So easy, and depending on the fabric you use, it can make you look so put together. And yet it is a comfy t-shirt.

  3. I love my homemade shirts. They are fitted for me and I made them. I love the ones you made!


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