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I love this new shirt. It’s so soft, so feminine, modern, but still me. It is definitely my new favorite shirt!

See the pattern, fabric, time, and cost breakdown after the jump!

Pattern: Slouchy Tee Pattern
Fabric: The front bodice piece is Nani Iro double knit fabric from Miss Matatabi. I won it from a KCW giveaway and have been hoarding it because it’s so amazing! It’s not very wide, so I only used part of it so that I can make leggings for Claire from it in the future. It’s super soft and high quality. It doesn’t drape well like soft jersey, so I had to take it in one the sides to make it look good. The back, sleeves, and neckband is the same fabric I used on my bandagestyle dress. It matches perfectly! I just cut the back at an angle.
Time: 30 minutes
Total Cost: $1

Also, I thrifted these white linen pants last week with my sister. They were half off, so I think I paid $2.50! I did have to let out the hem to make them long enough, but they are perfect. I love them! So comfortable and so chic!


Author: Heather