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DIY Peplum Top and Skinny Pants

This summer is turning into a summer of sewing for myself. I still sew for my kids, but I have really been focusing on making a wardrobe with only pieces that I love. It's kind of exciting to want to wear everything hanging in my closet instead of dreading getting dressed. Today I'm sharing a top and pair of pants that I made as part of the Bundle UP Blog Tour. I had a lot of fun making this outfit and loved working with these patterns. You can also enter a great giveaway over at Pattern Revolution and read more about the Bundle UP Women's Edition .
Pattern: I used the Ladies Peplum Top Pattern and the Ladies Skinny Pants Pattern. I added a neckband, waistband and used a floral knit for the back. For the pants I added front pockets, a faux fly, added two inches to the hem, and took in the waist a little bit.
Fabric: I cut up an old striped knit dress I haven't worn in awhile for the top and used some leftover floral fabric from this dress. I had some gray ribbing in my stash that I used for the waist and neck. For the pants I used some stretch twill with a metallic sheen that I purchased at Walmart a long time ago. It was $5 for 5 yards. I also made a skirt from this fabric
Time: 5 hours for both pieces
Cost: $2.50
The cool thing about this bundle is that instead of being required to purchase every single pattern, you can choose which ones you want. Find the Bundle UP Women's Edition (HERE).
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  1. Glad to know I wasn't the only one who bought a few of those 5 yards for $5 a couple years ago and are still sewing from it. I love the color of the pants. I might have to make lighter ones next time.

  2. I didn't know the pants didn't have a zip fly! They look great. I also didn't know you could only buy the ones you wanted. Great top too:) lice the floral in back.

  3. Heather - you look amazing, I love how you mixed the floral and stripes!!!! Thanks for being in the Bundle Up! tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I love your hair in these pictures. So pretty. And that shirt, amazing. The pants are so cool. And I love that walmart 5 yards for $5. Yep, I have some of that I have been sewing with. :) You did amazing one both pieces.

  5. Love the floral and stripes, you look awesome!

  6. love the stripes and the surprise floral back. I love the feeling of loving what's in my wardrobe. It feels even better when I've made it and love it!


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