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A couple of weeks ago we drove a couple of hours south to my cousins wedding. It was an outside wedding, so it was going to be really hot. Like 100 degrees hot. I needed a dress that would breathe and keep me cool, but it needed to look good for the wedding and have nursing access. Instead of trying to buy one and getting frustrated, Sew-a-bration of Womanhood with the Shaffer Sisters gave me the perfect reason to make something for myself that would meet all my needs.
I found some beautiful black and white 100% silk in my stash that I had forgotten about. I made a really basic shift dress with cap sleeves so there is nothing tight to make me uncomfortable in the heat. I just wear a belt with it to cinch in my waist, and the silk is beautiful and soft with a perfect aztec print.

Bias tape
Sewing supplies*

1. Make a dress or get a dress to alter.
2. Find the center front of the neckline and draw a line that is the length of the zipper.
3. Cut on the line.

4. Finish edge with the bias tape.
5. Pin the zipper carefully over the bias tape so it lines up at the top. Fold the top and bottom edges of the zipper tape under.
6. Sew next to the teeth and on the edge of the zipper tape with a straight stitch.

I finished the sleeves and neckline with black binding. The hem has a black velvet band to give it a nice finished look, and it’s heavy enough to keep my dress down while I’m wrestling a toddler or baby to be quiet. The zipper front makes nursing so easy which keeps me and baby happy!
This dress was perfect for the wedding which was absolutely beautiful. The love was almost tangible.

Go see what all the other wonderful women seamstresses have sewn for themselves! It’s a wonderful line-up of women celebrating being women!



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